Welcome Friends & Family

Hi friends & family, family & friends!!  Lori here 🙂  We are super excited to share our special day with each and every one of you.  Here you will find all the information you need in preparation for your journey to Norrland, the land of the midnight sun.  Norrland is one of my absolute favorite places on the planet.  Drink from the bubbling brooks, pick wild blueberries in the forest, hop into the cool, refreshing water.  Here you can spot wild reindeer and learn the rich history of their herders, the Sami (Sweden’s indigenous people).

We will be updating with more information and history as time allows.  Please explore our various suggestions for transportation, exploration, and hotels.  Please RSVP here by June 25 whether you can make it or not.  We are planning a day trip on the 18th of August for anyone coming from out of town.  If you are able to join, please let us know by booking here by June 25 so that we have a head count.

For any questions, please email us at: lori.fredrik.one@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “Welcome Friends & Family

  1. Lori Dear, we r so thrilled & happy for u. Thank you for inviting us. Mona, Joseph & I have prepared our sched and requested for “veto” so we are delighted and honored to attend yr wedding.
    W/c part of Norrland will it be held? Do you have any account nr?

    • Hi Lucy!! So excited you will make it!!!! It is in Luleå 🙂 We are working on the details for the account. <3

  2. I will be thrilled to attend one of the most special events of my life, Lori and Fredrik’s Swedish wedding. Their loving relationship brings joy to my heart. They have already blesed the Boggan and Mora families with their January 28 event here in Florida!el

  3. Woohoo we are so excited!! I need to have Charlie’s white tuxedo dry cleaned asap:)
    Can’t wait for your big day.

    Charlie and Anna

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