Exploring Sweden

Luleå & Northern Sweden

Luleå is a city of plenty.  With a population of approximately 75,000, it is a bustling coastal city along the far northeastern coast of Sweden.  Situated just 86 miles from The Arctic Circle, Luleå experiences dark winter days and sunny summer nights.

Take a stroll down Storgatan in the centre of the city and find shopping, restaurants, and cafes a plenty.  Don’t miss a walk through the beautiful forest.  A law in Sweden called allmänsrätt allows anyone to walk through the land, pluck berries or mushrooms from that land, and camp if they would like.   For  more things to do in and around Luleå, check out Visit Sweden.  About a one hour drive from Luleå, you find the famous Tree Hotel, a fun trip for those with children or the child at heart.   We highly recommend if you have the time and are up for adventure, take a hiking trip along Kungsleden (The King’s Trail).  It is the experience of a lifetime.  For those friends and family coming from out of town, we are planning a day trip to Storforsen, a beautiful rapid where we can swim, grill, and enjoy the splendor of outdoor Sweden. On our way back we are planning a stop at the Arctic Circle (most people have never been that far north anywhere in the world).


Stockholm is home to The Swedish Royal Family, fashion, and culture.  Check out  Visit Sweden for the best tips on Stockholm.  Our favorite parts include Gamla Stan (the old town), Skansen, Vasa Museum, and The Royal Swedish Ballet.


Welcome to our city!  Gothenburg is a diverse, multicultural city and our home.  If planning a visit here, know that you (or we) have picked the best month to visit.  Visit the many museums for a nominal fee, have a picnic in one of many stunning parks, or spend the day island hopping on the ferries.  Bring your swimsuit and hop into the sea!!  Visit Haga, the old historic part of Gothenburg where you will walk on cobblestone streets surrounded by some of the city’s best cafes.  Stop in for fika and practice your Swedish with the locals.  A few of our favorite places in Gothenburg include Gothenburg Botanical Gardenthe archipelago of Gothenburg, fika in the middle of Trädgårdsföreningen (The Garden Society of Gothenburg), and an evening at Lisberg.  Here are 10 must dos in Gothenburg according to goteborg.com.  Check out this link for more things to do-Visitors Guide to Gothenburg.