Wedding Day


The wedding ceremony is in Nederluleå church on Sat Aug 19 at 17:00. Transportation to and from the church by bus will be provided for out of towners. The bus picks up everyone from the Quality Hotel Luleå at 16:00 and brings everyone to the reception at 18:00.

Dress Code

While there are a few different dress code rules for Swedish weddings, we are not sticklers for code.  In general, men wear a nice suit and tie and women wear a nice dress just above the knee. It’s summer so think nice light fabrics and color in dress choice.  It can be cooler at night, so be sure to have a light coat or sweater with you.


The reception will be at Kulturens Hus in the city center of Luleå on Sat Aug 19 at 18:30. More information about the reception will be shown here.


It is tradition to give speeches at Swedish wedding receptions, and that means anyone is welcome. If you want to give a speech, please contact our toastmasters (best men):